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Most people think ShreeDurga PG to be a pretty decent PG in Gurgaon For Boys for student & working professionals. But those who live within its four walls recognize that it’s greatly, much more than any or Sohna Road, Gurgaon. Because they discern that no PG in Gurgaon, be it in Sohna Road or Sector 48, has professional room maintenance and laundry, customizable meals and a common area that’s totally lit. Now, let us estimate. You’re thought, what do they describe it, if not a male(BOYS) PG near Gurgaon? They describe it what it feels like – their next home or home away from home.

Things to remember while renting a PG in Gurgaon For Boys

You’ve possibly heard it before, but the initial thing to stay in mind while renting a PG for men Gurgaon is rent. Other so if it’s close to your Company or College. After the rent, comes what you obtain in return for that rental fee. For example, are there sufficient furnishings in that PG hostel? Or will your shoe stand also turn into your book shelf? Do you also get meal three times a day? Is the space cleaned daily or one time/twice a week? Now, don’t get scared by the long list. Because we’ve gone through it for you, when we planned the ShreeDurga PG Gurgaon experience.

Looking for the Best PG in Gurgaon For Boys? Here's why you should choose us

Why should you choose ShreeDurga PG Gurgaon instead of the hundreds upon hundreds of PGs in Gurgaon? That’s an exciting question. Now, we generally like to be humble. But 80,000 youthful persons like you have chosen us. So secure to say, we’re doing things well again than your daily PG. Mostly, our rooms are not dull white through basic furnishings. They’re fully-furnished and vibrantly-designed. Our services are not just crucial they’re extensive. And we also have the ShreeDurga PG Gurgaon – local App that no daily PG would include. Next, we have resident existence. Different at other PGs, you will really have one at our luxury PG For Boys In Gurgaon. Thanks to usual movie screenings, game night and more. These are the reason you should possibly decide in Our PG more other options. If you don’t trust us, trust 80,000 of your peers who include.

We strive to convince all the requirements of the students to create them believe at home. We recommend rooms to suit everyone wants and pocket.

Check Amenities​

Washing Machine

Benefits our firm offers its customers are frequent


In an opulent metropolis like Gurgaon, renting a private room or apartment complex is not an affordable option. It is difficult to locate an apartment or single room for less than 15,000 to 20,000 per month.

Hygienic food

According to the needs of our customers, Shree Durga PG offers its excellent housing amenities, available with or without air conditioning. Our offerings are the highest-quality and most affordable in the area.

Clean water

We continue to provide clean water to our tourists at all times while they are here, despite the fact that the degree of water contamination in the region is widely known these days. These crucial services are not offered by others.

24×7 electricity

Everyone needs electricity, but students who must study in the evenings really must, therefore we make sure they have complete access to electricity in their PG. Every service provider must priorities consumer happiness.

Access to major places

Some of Gurgaon’s most prominent locations are home to Shree Durga PG properties. Tenants may easily access the market, temple, ATMs, and gym in the area. We also provide immediate travel booking services.

AC or Non-AC rooms

According to the needs of our customers, Shree Durga PG offers its excellent housing amenities, available with or without air conditioning. Our offerings are the highest-quality and most affordable in the area.

Good facilities

You may get services in a Gurgaon PG that is completely equipped. You would have a TV, air conditioning, bed, refrigerator, washing machine, parking space, CCTV camera for safety inspection, safety guards in your completely equipped house.

Easy availability

In the Haryana IT center Gurgaon, Sohana road sector 49 also offers PG lodging. Staying close to the business saves money on travel expenses and allows for late-night work. We makes sure that lodgings are available in Gurgaon and are safe.

Why Choose us

ShreeDurga PG in Gurgaon For Boys is a modern totally furnished, yet reasonable pg in Gurgaon. It consists of a homely and secure atmosphere for any person difficult to ‘fit in’ in a not-so-familiar place! We recognize how it feels to be left from home, and find ourselves in a different position. Here at Shreedurga PG, the spirit of house is ongoing. That’s where we walk in and struggle to offer everything you can hardly think of, that too on a reasonable budget with typical and comfort amenities. With fully furnished accommodation to luxury leisure places, we have redefined the idea of a PG.

Living alone in a very experience city like Gurgaon can be tricky but not impossible with us! We’ve serve more than 1200 blissful residents in our pg. From offering top-notch services and facilities such as a gaming zone and rooftop garden to a 24/7 medical crisis vehicle, ShreeDurga PG have it all!

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The presence of security personnel, watchmen, and CCTV cameras contributes to mood in the PG, which gives older people a certain level of pleasure. Some PGs even attest to the fact that the resident adheres to the recommended safety measures. Additionally, the PG has access to medical personnel and first aid supplies in an emergency. Similarity advantage A PG is typically located close to educational institutions and commercial areas to shorten the occupancy term for residents and visitors. The PGs located in these areas have easy access to transportation, markets, malls, libraries, hospitals, medical supply shops, restaurants, and malls, among other amenities. Interactions with others.